Brickday Parties, Special Events, and Private Team-Building for all ages!


Got a special occasion coming up?

Celebrate with a Brickday Party

Schedule a fun, exciting and one-of-a-kind celebration to commemorate that next special event with all of your friends! We now offer SIX 90-minute party reservations hosted by TWO skilled party & event coordinators every weekend, year round.

The LEGO® fan in your life will love, no matter their age*, building on our mega LEGO® brick wall, racing custom LEGO® derby cars with a digital timer, competing in crazy LEGO® challenges for LEGO®-themed miniprizes and making LEGO® Minifigs to take home when it’s all over, as a way to hold on to and remember the fun.

*ALL celebrants must be turning 5 years of age and up.

Promotional Image of Birthday Parties
Promotional Image of Birthday Parties
Image of a Bricks & Minifigs birthday cake

Our standard Brickday celebration package highlights include…

  • Two dedicated event coordinators to ensure that “everything is awesome!”
  • 90+ minutes of wild & crazy building entertainment for +/- 12 participants.
  • Your choice of building-themed electronic party invitation templates.
  • Festive, colorful space & decor, disposable cutlery, & tableware.
  • Assembling & racing cars on our custom timed derby track.
  • Over-the-top building challenges with themed mini-prizes.
  • Creating unique keepsake LEGO® Minifig party favors.
  • A personalized party planning experience, from start to finish.
  • A beautiful, comfortable, and clean private event space with room for 25.
  • A BAM Kalamazoo gift for every host of honor and their family and guests.
  • Relax and enjoy your child’s party this year—even be in a few pictures!
  • An educational, memorable, and fun experience unlike any other!

Party Enhancements Menu

Favor / Food / Activity Enhancements

Priced Individually

Image of LEGO® Minifig Lightsabers

BYO Minifig Lightsabers


Includes one hilt and one laser, in your choice of colors.

Image of LEGO® Minifig Accessories

BYO Extra Minifig Accessories


Includes your choice of 5, offered during Minifig maker time.

Image of a LEGO® Minifig Return Certificate

BYO Minifig Maker Return Certificates


Certificates for later use, intended to keep the party goin’!

Image of LEGO® Minifig individual parts

Extra BYO Minifigs


Includes one head, hat/hair, torso, legs, and accessory. LEGO® Minifigs and Minidolls available.

Image of LEGO® Minifig food and animal accessories

Premium Accessory Packs


4 pieces, bagged and ready to go! Pick from creepy pets or food themes.

Image of LEGO® polybag microbuild sets

Polybag Microbuild Sets


Your choice of multiple themes, contains a small 20-30 piece set.

Image of LEGO® Minifig head inspired cake pops

Minifig Head Cake Pops


Individually wrapped (or not!), to be served at the party, or given as a favor.

Image of Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo gift cards

BAM Kalamazoo Gift Cards


Available in any denomination, shopped on site or given as party favor.

Image of a Bricks & Minifigs tub filled with LEGO® bricks

Packaged Bulk Bricks


We can pick them or you can, available in a variety of sizes.

Image of a female LEGO® minifig wearing a custom Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo printed torso

Exclusive BAM Kalamazoo Minifigs


Printed with the BAM Kalamazoo logo, choose your own head/hair/hat.

Image of rare European LEGO® Foil Packs

Rare European Foil Packs


Not available for purchase in the US, contains a 20-30 piece set or Minifig.

Image of guided custom set builds made with genuine LEGO® pieces

Guided Custom Set Builds


Both an activity and/or a favor! Your choice of step-by-step builds. Themes change year-round.

Image of chat bubbles with question marks inside of them

Custom Printed Minifigs


Let’s talk! We can make just about anything for you – it’s creativity time!

Image of a female LEGO® minifig wearing a custom Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo printed torso

BAM Kalamazoo Kids Apron


One size fits most; white apron, tie closure, pockets.

Image of a LEGO® minifig kid holding a balloon and a birthday present

Additional Participants


Add up to 8 more to max out the fun, package participation included.

Shared / Group Enhancements

Priced Per Unit

Image of LEGO® products as challenge prizes

Miniprizes for All


Everyone wins, less competition. More brick swag to take home!

Image of a Brick-Themed Cupcake

Six Pack of Brick-Themed Cupcakes


Whipped frosting and chocolate bricks, choose yellow or chocolate cake.

Image of a clock made out of LEGO® bricks

Additional Party Time


Allotted in 15 minute increments, subject to availability.

Image of LEGO® Minifig head inspired cake pops

One Dozen Minifig Head Cake Pops


Individually wrapped (or not!), to be served at the party, or given as a favor.

Image of LEGO® products as challenge prizes

High Stakes Challenge Prize Allowance


A way to incorporate your favorite LEGO® theme, increase competition prize value and raise the stakes during races and/or challenge competitions.

Image of LEGO® Brick Themed Layer Cake

Exclusive Brick-Themed Layer Cake


Available only at Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo! This cake is topped with whipped frosting and chocolate bricks, and three Minifig head cake pops are included. Choose yellow or chocolate cake. Serves 8 generously, 12 comfortably, 16 modestly.

Image of a LEGO® Brick Themed Icecream Cake

Exclusive Brick-Themed Ice Cream Cake


Our brick-themed layer cake with your choice of ice cream flavor. Choose yellow or chocolate cake, serves 8 generously, 12 comfortably, 16 modestly.

Schultz's Treat Street Logo
Schultz’s Treat Street is the exclusive provider of our LEGO®-themed baked goods!

For more information about parties & events at Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo



Our LEGO®-themed retreats are for the young at heart, regardless of industry, and are completely customizable! Expand the boundaries of your unit’s potential for “thinking outside the box” while enhancing communication, efficiency, and effectiveness. We can design a unique experience for your team, department or unit, focused on the promotion of critical thinking, creative problem solving and group collaboration.

When designing one of our programs, we consider factors including size, location and culture of each participating company. For details, please contact us directly by email.

Photo-op of Lego creators.

Participants will be invited to compete in group and individual LEGO® challenges, strengthening both self and team confidence, as well as group identity and camaraderie.

Photo-op of Lego creators.

Participants will be guided through a series of exercises by our LEGO® experts, learning about themselves and each other both personally and professionally.

Image of a LEGO® Minfig contruction team

Participants will enjoy building their own LEGO® Minifigures to take home (custom printing may be available with your corporate logo – for this type of unique personalization, please inquire) as the workshop winds down.

What could be better than an afternoon filled with LEGO®-themed, creativity-unlocking fun?

Let’s “build” a plan together!

Get started today!

Need something different?

We can “build” the perfect event for you!

We “build” one-of-a-kind professional / academic / social group workshops with LEGO® activities focused on creative problem-solving, communication, collaboration, cooperation, and fun! Of course, we’re still here for you and all of your celebrations, too… How can we create a unique experience for your crew? We’re available year-round, 7 days a week, days and evenings, for groups of 2-200, at our place or yours… What are you waiting for? Find out how adding a little LEGO® can add a lot of FUN!

Image of two custom LEGO® Minifigs wearing Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo torsos

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