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Get Cash for the LEGO® you’re no longer using!

You can sell or trade your LEGO® products to/with us!

Bring your new and/or gently used LEGO® sets, bulk, Minifigs and/or accessories to our Kalamazoo retail location and trade in your “trash” for our cash! You can get paid money on the spot for passing along some of your most treasured toys to the next generation of builders, or you can trade them in for store credit towards something just as precious for your own collection!

Please note that minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for all in-store sales and trades. General information about our trading policies can be found below and in the store as well.

Image of colorful LEGO® bricks

Ready to get started?


Image of a customer bringing in a pre-owned LEGO® set

Step #1

Bring in your new and/or gently used LEGO® products to the store during business hours and ask any one of our employees if someone is available to evaluate your trade.

If you have a large, rare, or otherwise remarkable collection ready for evaluation, please reach out to us by phone, Facebook message, or in person to schedule an appointment in advance of bringing your items in.

Image of a Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo employee issuing a LEGO® trade with a customer

Step #2

We will take a look at what you have; and based on several factors including condition, demand, quantity, and more, we will make you an offer for both cash on the spot and in-store credit.

Both offers expire upon your departure from the premises on the day of the exchange.

Image of a customer trading in a LEGO® set

Step #3

You can then either sell us what you brought in and feel good knowing that you have passed on your love of LEGO® – and got paid to do it – OR you can trade it in for dollars to put toward that new set or Minifig that you’ve been wanting to bring home for ages!

Please note that all in-store buys and trades require that an adult 18+ be present where a minor is involved.

Owners of Bricks and Minifigs Adam and Allison Weiner


  • Unopened LEGO® sets & LEGO® products NOT currently available on the official LEGO® website
  • Unassembled (loose) pre-owned LEGO® sets, with or without the box and / or the instructions
  • Pre-assembled pre-owned LEGO® sets, with or without the box and / or the instructions
  • Loose LEGO® bricks and assorted LEGO® pieces
  • LEGO® Minifigs
  • LEGO® accessories (discretionary)
  • Generally, where the term LEGO® is used above, it also includes DUPLO®
Rebuild, Reuse, Reimagine Graphic


  • Unopened LEGO® sets & products currently available on the official LEGO® website
  • LEGO® sets, Minifigs and products in substandard or poor condition
  • Non-LEGO® brand figurines, sets, bricks or products (including all LEGO®-compatible brands)
    • Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo’s evaluation during trades depends upon multiple factors; including, but not limited to: cleanliness, completeness, current inventory, market demand/saturation and overall condition. All purchases and trades are offered at the discretion of Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo. To find out what we might be able to offer you for your unwanted LEGO®, simply bring your sets, Minifigs® and/or bricks to our convenient Kalamazoo location during business hours or send us a Facebook message (with/without photos). If you are proposing a sizeable trade, or considering a visit on what could be a busy afternoon, please reach out to us in advance via email, phone or in person to schedule an evaluation appointment prior to coming in.

    Additional information about Buys, Sales & Returns at Bricks & Minifigs Kalmazoo

    Various New In Box LEGO Sets
    Various New In Box LEGO Sets
    LEGO® Minifigure man
    LEGO® Wildflower Bouquet and The Insect Collection
    LEGO® Technic Monster Jam™ El Toro Loco™
     Crowd of LEGO Minifigures

    Shop for LEGO® Products in Kalamazoo

    Check out our huge LEGO® selection!

    Now you know that Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo buys and trades all things LEGO® right here in your hometown… but did you also know that we sell an impressive variety of LEGO® products as well? You have to see it to believe it… and trust me when I tell you that whether you’re looking for a new set to build alongside a loved one, a unique LEGO® Minifig to cheer up a friend or commemorate a special event, or the perfect introductory LEGO® starter box for the youngest member of your family—we’ve got you covered!

    We have just about everything LEGO® that you can imagine in our beautiful 3,500 square foot retail space—from rare and retired sets, to bins of bricks and birthday parties, smiley storage heads—plus every which way to display—the sheer variety found within our little shop delights almost everyone that comes through our door!

    Pre-Owned LEGO® Sets The Disney Castle 71040

    Pre-Owned LEGO® Sets

    Consider taking home something “new to you” from our gently-used inventory of clean and beautiful pre-built or ready-to-assemble LEGO® sets available for purchase. Relive your childhood, treat someone special, or add to your own collection with these hard-to-find beauties.

    Pre-owned sets are sold 3 ways… built (ready to breakdown / play / display), certified (unassembled / boxed / guaranteed complete), and well-loved (unassembled / bagged / sold as-is).

    BAM Kalamazoo Store Wall filled with LEGO® products

    New-in-Box LEGO® Sets

    At Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo, you could walk in and find TONS of international, rare, newly-released, retired, especially hard-to-find, limited edition and/or collectible new-in-box sets – some of which you won’t be able to find anywhere else – seven days a week! Unlike most retailers, we offer LEGO® products spanning all 90 years of the LEGO® Group’s production!

    As an added bonus, we always try to participate in LEGO® new release days throughout the calendar year.

    Image of various LEGO® Minifigs on display at Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo

    Thousands of LEGO® Minifigs

    With thousands of new and classic LEGO® Minifigs from which to choose; your next trip to Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo can help you to add to your collection, finally replace that one fig that’s been missing all these years, or even create your very own new and unique characters for fun and play. No matter how you use your LEGO® Minifigs, we have just what you’re looking for.

    We have an enormous inventory of LEGO® Minifigs, including collectibles and—of course —BUILD-YOUR-OWN!

    Image of LEGO® bulk pieces and bricks

    Bulk LEGO® Pieces

    Do you want to completely unleash your creativity? Look no further than our overflowing bulk LEGO® tables! Not your thing? Come and pick out your pieces one by one until your missing parts list is complete. Still not convinced? Try filling a cup or a bag full of random bits of LEGO® joy, one stud at a time, and let your imagination flow. There’s really no wrong way to LEGO®!

    Bulk LEGO® is sold by volume in five sizes (cups/bags) ranging from $8-90. Watch our social pages for promotions!

    Image of bulk LEGO® Minifig heads at Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo

    Build-Your-Own LEGO® Minifigs

    Is there anything more fun than looking down and seeing hundreds of tiny yellow smiling faces looking up at you? Lucky for you, that’s the first step to building your own Minifig at Bricks and Minifigs Kalamazoo! Create a celebrity, create a mentor, create a parent or friend… there’s no wrong way to make a Minifig!

    You read that right. When visiting our store, you and your gang will have the opportunity to each craft your very own 100% personalized LEGO® Minifig. Choose the head, the hat or hair, then the torso, the legs or base, and one accessory (coffee cup, blaster, shovel, handcuffs, hairbrush, etc.) to design your very own one-of-a-kind miniature. Then, take it home as a souvenir in remembrance of your visit to the store. A highlight of nearly everyone’s visit, the “build-a-fig table” as it is affectionately known among the staff is easily our most popular attraction within the store. Who will you build when you come to visit?

    Customs Made from Genuine LEGO® Bricks

    Custom Items

    At Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo, we offer a wide variety of custom items to accentuate any LEGO® collection and highlight its treasures. Within our retail store you will find a huge assortment of custom LEGO® Minifig display stands and cases, custom LEGO®-themed artwork, housewares and accessories, and custom LEGO® Minifigs! We carry brands including, but not limited to: Brick Arms, Build Better Bricks, Brick Forge, Big Kid Brix, Go Figure Displays,, Battle Brick Customs, EclipseGrafx and many more.

    Some items are considered custom because they use custom 3D printing. Others use custom injection molding, or custom laser printing. The possibilities are endless. All of the custom Minifigs that we sell are made up of genuine LEGO® parts to create new and exciting characters not offered by the LEGO® Group.

    Open Box New LEGO® Sets & Certified Pre-Owned LEGO® Sets:

    Open box new LEGO® sets are new and complete. All bags are still sealed and the set will include instructions and stickers. Boxes have been resealed.

    Certified LEGO® sets have been opened but are guaranteed to be whole. They are verified to be complete with all parts and instructions.

    Image of two custom LEGO® Minifigs wearing Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo torsos

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