The History of

Bricks & Minifigs®

Since 2011, Bricks & Minifigs® has been providing our customers with access to thousands of different new and used LEGO® sets and bricks. To better understand who we are as a company, keep reading and learn more about our story and how we got started! Then, if you’re interested in opening up your own Bricks & Minifigs® store or looking for franchise opportunities, reach out to us today!

Hiker Lego figurine

Started Out of Passion

LEGO® bricks provide opportunities for creativity like nothing else does. As lovers of LEGO® and the memories they have provided us during our lives, we decided to start a company that brings many of those memories into the households of our customers!

Child putting together Legos

Created To Spark Creativity

We provide our customers with thousands of different bricks and sets both new and used. Our hope is to bring as many creative options as possible into the lives of our customers. If you are looking for franchise opportunities that spark creativity in your customers, check out our stores today!

Janitor Lego figurine with broom

Changing With the World

With the changing online marketplace and increased presence of online stores in today’s world, we have had to change our business model. While our stores are brick and mortar, we have modified our website to list the location of each one of our stores online and we have widely opened up our stores as franchise opportunities for anyone and everyone looking to open up their own Bricks & Minifigs® store.

General Lego figurine holding gemstones

Expanding Throughout North America

Now, after more than ten years of business, we are quickly expanding throughout the United States and Canada, bringing creative opportunities to customers all over the continent. If you are looking for a franchise opportunity that is part of a movement, check out our stores today!

The History of Bricks & Minifigs Infographic

We are more than just a LEGO® brick and set store. We are an opportunity for you to improve the lives of your customers and bring joy to your community. If you are looking for franchise opportunities, look no further than Bricks & Minifigs®. Become your own boss and start your promising career with Bricks & Minifigs® today!

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