LEGO® s have been around for years and many of us have childhood memories that include a big bucket of LEGO® s or a prized LEGO® ®  set. Bricks & Minifigs is the place to get new and used LEGO®  sets. You might have spent hours with the little bricks, but what do expert builders do when they get a new LEGO®  set? We gathered some tips from the experts to help you finish those sets. Keep reading to see how!

Organize Your Bricks

If you have a LEGO®  set and want to start building, find a way to organize those bricks and pieces. Popular organization tools are small plastic containers with lids or drawer units. Consider what would make sense for your space and project. You might want to separate them by color only, by shades of color, or by size. It’s much easier to find the white 1-by-1s and the blue 2-by-2s when you have things organized. Make sure to separate any accessories like binoculars, wands, or shovels so they don’t get lost. If you are rebuilding a childhood favorite or received a used LEGO®  set, having everything organized will help you easily see if you are missing an important piece. Reach out to a store near you for the missing components or shop online.

Focus on Scale

We love the creativity of LEGO®  building and the fun sets can provide. One thing to think about when planning your creation is the scale. Will you be adding anything to an existing set? You could be building furniture and want to keep the size in mind and how items fit together. If you plan to add any minifigures, will they fit through a doorway or be able to sit in a chair? Check out some of the creations that have been shared with BAM. You might consider sharing your creation with us too!

Consider Display

After you spend hours creating, you will want to share it with the world. It may be displayed at home or a convention with other LEGO®  enthusiasts. No matter where it is, have it look its best by thinking about the backdrop and lighting. You might want a neutral backdrop to keep the focus on your creation or create a custom piece that complements it. Also, ensure that the details are visible with lighting from LED strips or spotlights. You can even include lights in your LEGO®  construction. 

Consider Building from Scratch

LEGO®  sets are always attractive, but consider creating a unique design and building it from scratch. Used LEGO®  sets are a great way to expand your collection and start a display. You can also create unique creations to accompany your LEGO®  sets or use components from other sets to create your own.

Find Your LEGO®  Community

LEGO® s have been around for over 80 years. They are a way to connect across generations and encourage collecting and creativity. It is a great way to involve children in a favorite pastime or just reengage with your own. While it may have been a hobby you engaged in alone, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. There is a community of LEGO®  enthusiasts who are building and sharing their creations. Find your local LEGO®  community and connect with other Adult Fans of LEGO®  or AFOLs by finding a store near you or joining our newsletter.

Find your next LEGO®  set for less when you buy a used LEGO®  set from Bricks & Minifigs, your online LEGO®  store. We can help you expand your collection, rediscover your childhood favorites, or find the pieces you need to finish your unique masterpiece.

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