If you are passionate about LEGOs® and seeing customers smile, consider one of the best franchises to own, Bricks & Minifigs. When considering owning a Bricks & Minifigs franchise, there are some benefits to buying an existing franchise over opening your own.

Established Business

Buying an established business means it is open, has customers, and is making money. You won’t be looking for locations, setting up a store, or having to worry about buying inventory. It is all there. You will also have the support of Bricks & Minifigs’ Franchise Training and Support. We don’t consider ourselves just a franchise, but a family of LEGO® enthusiasts. That makes us one of the best franchises to own.  

Streamline Financing

Starting a business comes with a bunch of unknowns and this can put you at a disadvantage when it comes to financing. Lenders can look at the established franchise’s past performance as a profitable business is a lower risk for the lender. You also are purchasing an existing business with an exact price rather than having the typical investment range


Buying an existing franchise means you already have some established marketing for the store location and through the franchise. Owning a small business can come with a steep learning curve, but with established marketing and help from Bricks & Minifigs, it can be easy to grow your business. 

Support From a Franchise

If you have considered opening a small business owner consider franchise opportunities, including an established location. Bricks & Minifigs has clear guidelines and continued support to simplify the process. The first owner of the business will have gone through the process of setting up the location to the franchise specifications. With our established guidelines, you can buy, sell, and trade from the first day.  

Contact Bricks & Minifigs today to get started! We are here to answer your questions about starting your franchise or buying an established franchise. 

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