Some consider franchise opportunities unappealing, but the LEGO® store franchise, Bricks & Minifigs is proven successful. There are many benefits to partnering with a franchise business.

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Brand Recognition

LEGO® is a name familiar to everyone. Bricks & Minifigs began as a single-location reseller and soon began franchising. The recognized brand and previous market experience sets new franchise locations up for success.

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Extensive Training

While previous business or retail experience is helpful, it is not necessary to open and run a successful Bricks & Minifigs franchise. Your initial franchise fee includes a 6-day training program at our corporate headquarters, up to three days of training at your store location, and a comprehensive operations manual. We don’t disappear after the training. Bricks & Minifigs Corporate is here to support you with our resources.

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Proven Successful

Opening a business is risky, but the proven model helps. Bricks & Minifigs opened in 2010. It was successful and franchising was available the next year. Nearly 100 stores are operating or soon to open in the US and Canada, making it one of the best franchises to own. To help ensure everyone’s success, you receive a “protected territory” that is determined by population and mileage. You will not have to compete with other Bricks & Minifigs locations.

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Financial Results

Starting a business requires capital and franchises do come with the additional cost of an initial franchise fee. Because of the brand recognition of a franchise, you are likely to have a quicker return on your investment than if you had an independent business. You also spend less time on planning and troubleshooting thanks to all the franchise resources.

The Top Benefits Of Owning A Franchise Infographic

Join The Bricks & Minifigs Family

If you want the benefits of a franchise business, then join the Bricks & Minifigs family. We are happy to help you take your next step in owning a LEGO® store franchise.!

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