4 Ways Franchising is Different with Bricks & Minifigs

See how Bricks & Minifigs offer one of the best franchises to own!

Are you new to franchising? Looking for your next franchise investment? A franchise with Bricks & Minifigs offers so much more than just a paycheck.  If you’ve been trying to decide where to spend your franchise funds, we’re sharing four ways franchising is different with Bricks & Minifigs!

child playing with legos

Low Start-Up Cost

With a low initial start-up fee,  Bricks & Minifigs is often the choice of most franchisees looking to make a splash with their first significant investment or those looking to add additional franchises for expansion. At $20,000, we have one of the lowest start-up fees in the business. We believe in starting you off strong, so your Bricks & Minifigs store is a success built on a solid foundation!

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Turn-Key Model With a Protected Territory

Your initial franchise fee of $20,000 will include a protected territory, which means you won’t have to worry about competing for customers with other Bricks & Minifigs franchises in your area.  This makes you the area’s go-to store for everything LEGO®! Kids, parents, collectors — your store will be creating a community of LEGO® lovers with your location.

collectors trading legos

Gives Collectors a Place to Buy, Sell and Trade all their LEGO® products

Within your community, you’ll be the source of everything LEGO®, which means you’ll have dedicated customers. We will teach you how to make the most of our “Rebuild, Reuse, Reimagine” business model by following our franchise plans. From rare to bulk bricks to pre-assembled or new sets, your revolving inventory will attract LEGO® lovers of all ages.

pile of legos

Easy and Fun to Own!

At Bricks & Minifigs, we want work to include play! That’s why our franchises are easy and fun to own.  We have a three-step system so you can set up your location, follow our proven methods and techniques, use your imagination, and most importantly, enjoy the rewards of your success. That’s it!  A Bricks & Minifigs store is much more than just any other franchise opportunity. We take buying, selling, and trading LEGO® to the next level.

Owning a Bricks & Minifigs franchise is a rewarding experience that offers a perfect balance between work and play.  We aren’t like other franchises, and we are proud of that!  If you’d like to find out more about a career with us, contact Bricks & Minifigs today to see why we are one of the best franchises to own.

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