Recapture Your Childhood With These Retired Sets

Let’s go back in time to take a look at the most prominent LEGO® sets from the past!

We’ve all got those favorite sets from back in the day, the ones that made their mark, and today, Bricks and Minifigs are presenting four of our favorite retired LEGO® sets from our childhood and yours! Spanning from 1949 to the 1990s, here are some of the rarest retired sets you can find!

Pile of LEGO®s.

Imperial Trading Post

One of our favorite original LEGO® sets, the Imperial Trading Post, was initially released in 1992 and has since been retired. This one brings back memories of sailing the high seas with an assortment of scallywags, and with the included port of call and ocean surface, it was effortless to imagine yourself smelling the salt in the air as you took to the sea! Stop by Bricks and Minifigs today to see if we have any pieces you need to rebuild this classic!

Image of a satellite in space

LEGO® Space Monorail Transport System

During the 1980s, the world was crazy about space! LEGO® capitalized on the phenomenon by releasing many space-related sets, but none was more popular than this classic LEGO® set. The monorail set included the monorail, support columns to elevate, and even little space vehicles. This LEGO® set is one of the most complex complete sets to find! Contact Bricks and Minifigs today if you have some of the set and need pieces to complete it!

Image of castle ruins on a hill

Town Square – Castle Scene

Released back in the 80s, these LEGO® sets can be tough to track down, and if you can, it’s usually missing pieces. Bricks and Minifigs can help you find the parts you need to rebuild this classic medieval town square to all its glory, including the quaint little ice cream shop and various flower pots! Contact us today!

Automatic Binding Bricks

Automatic Binding Bricks

Our final selection for our classic retired sets is the first LEGO® set to be released! Invented in 1949 and sold only in Denmark, this set was the precursor to everything LEGO®! Without these pioneering pieces, we wouldn’t have the multitude of LEGO® sets that are available today! This set is the oldest and most challenging set to track down and if you happen to find one, get ready to pony up, as it can go as high as $3000 in some cases!

Wow, what a trip down memory lane! These classic retired LEGO® sets can bring you back to a time when you were lost for hours in your imagination!  If you need help rebuilding any of your vintage sets, Bricks and Minifigs might have the piece you’re looking for!  Check us out today!

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