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At Bricks & Minifigs, we love LEGO® sets and their ability to let us build complex structures. The downside is sets don’t offer room for creativity. We often focus on children, but LEGOs® are for adults too.  A bucket of LEGOs® fosters creativity for all ages. If you struggle with creativity or need help getting your creative juices flowing: follow these tips.

Be Prepared

Creativity might take some work if you usually follow directions and build sets. Set the stage for success by preparing. Make sure you have a chunk of time to allow for experimentation. Gather a tub of LEGOs®,the more the better

Change Your Mindset

Think about this time as an intentional time for creativity and exploration. Leave thoughts and language like “good” and “bad” behind. Examine your mindset and whether you are stuck in a fixed mindset and if you can adopt a growth mindset

Additional Benefits

Time spent exercising your creative skills can help you adapt to real-life situations and be more mindful. Building with LEGOs® can reduce your stress. When you need to concentrate on the task at hand, you are forced to be present and unable to focus on your daily worries. 

Supporting Children

If you bring out LEGOs®,any nearby children may show interest. It’s one thing to choose to explore your creative side and another to ask your children to do it. They may resist or feel the activity is too open-ended for comfort. Work through this by modeling it while building and talking through trying out different builds. Say things like “ I wonder if this will work….That didn’t work, I’ll find another way”. When it feels difficult, remember they aren’t just playing, they are learning valuable life skills. 

If you need bulk bricks to boost your creativity, find your nearest Bricks & Minifigs. You can buy, sell, or trade LEGOs®.  Bricks & Minifigs specializes in new and used LEGO® products including bulk bricks, individual minifigs, components, and accessories to jumpstart your creativity. 

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