at Your Bricks & Minifigs Store

Starting your own business with Bricks & Minifigs is an exciting venture for any LEGO® enthusiast. As a franchisee, you have the potential to create a successful and thriving business that offers customers an opportunity to explore their creativity with LEGO® sets and products. However, as with any business, there are certain strategies that you must implement to ensure success. Here are our top strategies for growing your Bricks & Minifigs store

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Focus on Quality

Quality is key when it comes to running a successful new and used LEGO® product store. Ensure that you are offering customers the best possible product, in terms of both the building sets and accessories you offer. This will help ensure your customers are satisfied and they will come back for more LEGO® sets and products! 

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Utilize Local Resources

Get involved in your local community. With franchise opportunities all over the U.S., your Bricks & Minifigs store must stand out. Find ways to offer unique experiences to your customers, participate in local events, and find ways to collaborate with the local market. This will help to increase your visibility and attract new customers. 

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Offer Special Deals and Promotions

Nothing draws in business like a special deal and limited-time promotions! It will bring you new customers and keep existing ones coming back. Consider running special events at your store, such as free building classes or promotions on LEGO® sets. The interest this generates will encourage customers to keep coming back. 

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Develop a Strong Brand

Developing a strong brand is a key factor when you want to succeed with your franchise opportunity. This means creating a strong presence with the Bricks & Minifigs values in mind. You can do this through social media, local advertising, and other methods of increasing visibility. 

When you start your own business with a Bricks & Minifigs store location, we want to see you succeed! We have the recourse and tips you need to see your business thrive. If you’re interested in a franchise opportunity with Bricks & Minifigs, contact our team today! 

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