How to Decide if You Should

Open a Bricks & Minifigs Franchise

Opening a Bricks & Minifigs franchise can be a great way to make a living doing something you love. As a franchisee, you’ll be able to bring joy to your community by providing a unique shopping experience for LEGO® fans of all ages. However, before you make the leap into the world of business ownership, there are a few things you should consider. Read on to learn more about four things you should consider before opening a Bricks & Minifigs franchise.

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Do You Love LEGO®?

Before making the commitment of opening a Bricks & Minifigs franchise, make sure you’re passionate about LEGO®. As a franchisee, you will be responsible for curating the inventory, training staff, and providing customer service. You should be excited about the prospect of helping customers build their own creations, resolving customer service issues, and building relationships with your community.

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Do You Want to Be Your Own Boss?

Owning a franchise means that you essentially own a business and get to be your own boss. Before investing in a Bricks & Minifigs franchise, ask yourself if you’re ready for this challenge — as well as the opportunities it will bring.

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Are You Ready for the Financial Commitment?

When deciding on whether or not to open a Bricks & Minifigs franchise, it’s essential that you evaluate the financial aspects. You’ll need to pay the franchise fee, purchase inventory and equipment, rent a store location, and hire staff. You will also be responsible for ongoing expenses such as rent, utilities, payroll, and marketing.

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Do You Want to Do Something You Love?

You’ll also want to consider whether you are ready to dedicate your time and energy to operating an aftermarket LEGO® store franchise. If you are passionate about LEGO® and are excited about the prospect of creating an exceptional and fun experience for those in your community, then opening a Bricks & Minifigs franchise might just be the perfect business opportunity for you.

Are You Considering Opening a Bricks & Minifigs Franchise?

Opening a Bricks & Minifigs franchise can be a rewarding and profitable venture, but it’s important to go into it with realistic expectations. To learn more about opening a Bricks & Minifigs franchise, reach out to our corporate team today!

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