How to Open a Franchise

with Bricks & Minifigs®

Opening a franchise is a big commitment, so it’s important to make sure you’re on top of the entire process when considering a franchise opportunity. At Bricks & Minifigs®, we are committed to providing you with all of the assistance you might need when opening a LEGO®-specific franchise. If you are interested in owning and running a business that brings joy into your community, keep on reading to find out how you can open a Bricks & Minifigs® franchise. Reach out to us today to get the process started!

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Why Bricks & Minifigs®?

As a licensed LEGO® resale franchise, we are a company that is devoted to inspiring creativity and bringing joy to your community. In order to help you succeed, we provide you with all of the resources you need to get off your feet. From signage to providing you with a protected territory, you can trust that when you open a franchise with us, you are receiving top-level assistance and guidance throughout the process.

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Reach Out to Us

Once you have decided that you want to open up a franchise, the first step is to reach out to us and get the process started. This not only helps us to know that you are interested in opening up a franchise, but this allows us to answer any questions you have, provide you with resources, and tell you more about this awesome franchise opportunity!

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Find Your Franchise Location

The next step is to find your ideal location. Whether this is in the community you currently live in or in a place you hope to move to, we can help you find the ideal location to open up your new business in! Some things to consider when looking at a potential location are customer exposure, accessibility, and the concentration of your customer base!

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Start Your Franchise

Once you have a location, the next step is to open up your franchise! Opening fees range from $99,000 to $225,000 depending on the location and size of your store. But, this always includes a protected territory, training at corporate HQ, onsite training, a web page designated for your location, and every other resource you would need to operate your business including computer systems!

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If you are looking to run a business that inspires creativity, Bricks & Minifigs® is providing you with the perfect franchise opportunity to do just that! If you are a LEGO® enthusiast hoping to make an impact, reach out to us today to get started with the franchise process! A great career with Bricks & Minifigs® is waiting for you.

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