How to Help Your Child Choose the Right LEGO® Set

Making the Right Choice is Easy With Bricks & Minifigs

With so many great LEGO® options to choose from, it can be difficult to know what is the right choice for your child. No matter what your child is interested in, there’s always a LEGO® set that is the perfect fit for them. Here are four ways to help your child determine what kind of set they should choose.

LEGO® Architecture box and pieces for the New York City set.

If Your Child Loves to Build New Things 

For children who are interested in building their own LEGO® sets, a larger, more complicated set might be a good option for them. Not only will this be a good challenge for them, but they will be able to combine the pieces with other LEGO® sets to build something entirely new. This can also be a good opportunity for you to bond with your child as you assemble the sets together!
Young boy putting together LEGO® pieces.

If Your Child is 4 Years Old or Younger

Even toddlers can enjoy the fun of building with LEGO® DUPLO sets! These sets are created with young children in mind with interactive and large pieces that encourage learning and development. Choose from LEGO® sets that feature counting, animals, or simple puzzles and learning will always feel like fun!
Multi-colored buildings created with LEGOs.

If Your Child Loves Playing Pretend

All LEGO® sets encourage imagination in children, but if your child is always playing “make-believe” or “pretend”, then LEGO® City might be the right choice for them. LEGO® City offers everything imaginable so your child can build a city of their own creation. With LEGO® City and their imagination, they can build everything from skyscrapers to cafes and helicopters!
Star Wars LEGO® minifigures on a counter.

If Your Child Likes Fantasy or Science Fiction

For children who love superheroes, getting lost in the fantasy world of dinosaurs, or battling through space, a themed LEGO® set is a great option! Your child can choose sets from their favorite movies like LEGO® Harry Potter™, LEGO® Jurassic World™, and LEGO® Star Wars™, to name a few!

Choosing the right LEGO® set can be a challenge, but with these considerations, you can help your child narrow down the options to find exactly what they want. At Bricks & Minifigs, you can find the perfect LEGO® set for your child, as well as trade and sell your current sets to make room for something new!

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