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Buy, sell, trade

We are your one-of-a-kind toy shop for buying, selling, and trading LEGO® products.

Bricks & Minifigs® buys, sells, and trades all things LEGO®. You will not find a larger selection of LEGO® Minifigures® and bricks in all of Grand Rapids! We have everything in our 3,400 square foot store—from rare and retired sets and pieces to overflowing bins of bricks you can sort through and buy in bulk! We also have a large selection of LEGO® accessories, collections, and even displays of unique builds and creations. We have an ever-growing inventory of minifigures.

Come in and reimagine and rebuild your lego sets and creations through what you find in our vast collection of bulk and minifig pieces. You can also find pieces to complete your LEGO® sets and update your collection! Our inventory changes all the time, so stop in and let us help you find the right LEGO® parts or sets.

We Have Used Sets

Choose from our wide selection of gently used sets. Relive your childhood or add to your collection!

We Have New-In-Box Sets

At Bricks and Minifigs® you can find current, retired, hard to find and collectible new-in-box sets – some of which you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

We Have Minifigs

LEGO® has produced thousands of minifigs, it’s difficult to keep up! But with our vast variety of minifigures you can add to your collection, replace broken figs, or even create your own unique characters with our Build A Fig tables!


We Have Bulk LEGO® Pieces

Do you want to unleash your creativity in the ultimate way?  Then look no further than our bulk tables?  Come and pick-a-part to check off all the pieces you need on your parts list.  Or fill up a bag full of random LEGO® joy and let your imagination flow!

Do you have LEGO® product that you are no longer using?

Are you looking for a way to de-clutter or make space for something new? Then bring your Used Sets, New Sets, Minifigs &/or Bulk down to Bricks and Minifigs Grand Rapids!  You can get paid cash for passing on some of your favorite toys to another generation.  Or you can trade them in for in-store credit towards that thing you’ve always wanted!

How to Sell & Trade

Please book an appointment with our trade desk using the button below. Once we have your appointment confirmed, bring your LEGO® product to our Trade counter at the time you booked.  We will evaluate what you have and based on several factors, including condition, demand and quantity, we can then make you an offer.  You can then either sell us what you brought and feel good knowing that you have passed your love of LEGO® on to a new generation—and got paid to do it OR you can trade it in as in-store credit and get that set or minifig that you’ve been wanting!

Store Buy/Trade Appointment Policy

At our Bricks & Minifigs location, we value your time and want to ensure that we
provide you the best possible service. To achieve this, we have introduced an appointment system for customers who wish to sell or trade-in LEGO® items.

  • We encourage you to set an appointment ahead of time to ensure that our staff
    is available to assist you. Appointments can be made online, you’ll receive a calendar appointment from us with the details.
  • Walk-ins are also welcome, and we will try our best to accommodate you on a walk-in. However, customers with appointments will be given priority, and walk-ins may have to wait for
    their turn.
  • If a customer with an appointment arrives late, we will try to accommodate them but may have to reschedule their appointment if it overlaps with another customer’s appointment.
  • If a walk-in buy/trade is in progress, we may have to pause the transaction if a
    previously scheduled appointment comes in at the appointed time (or within 15 minutes of their scheduled time—early or late).
  • If you  cannot make your appointment, we kindly ask you to let us know as soon
    as possible so that we can reschedule or accommodate walk-in customers.

We aim to provide the best possible service to all our customers, and by setting appointments, we can ensure that we have enough staff available to assist everyone. Thank you for understanding our appointment policy.

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