Hello Friends!  We are ecstatic to announce the launch of our brand new website!  Update your bookmarks to bricksandminifigs.com/canby-or and check out whats new:

Active Events Calendar: Check out our new Events page and Calendar to see details on all of our upcoming events, both in-store and out in the community! December’s Events have been added and begin Saturday the 1st with a Nationwide Celebration of LEGO!

Customer Creations Gallery: E-mail pictures of your awesome creations to canby@bricksandminifigs.com and we will post them on our homepage to inspire others! Be sure to include your name and city!

Updated Brick Party Page:  Check out everything included when you book an awesome Brick Party, plus updated E-invitations to send out to friends and family!

More is on the way: Check back to this News page to hear about additional functionality as it is added, such as being able to book a Brick Party quickly and easily online!

We are excited about this massive web update and would love to hear your feedback on our new site! Use our new Contact page or e-mail us directly at canby@bricksandminifigs.com. Thanks!