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It’s True! Bricks and Minifigs
Buys, Sells and Trades
New & Used LEGO® Sets,
Minifigs and Bulk Pieces!!!

Our 5,000 square-foot store is overflowing with New & Used LEGO® products thanks to our awesome local traders! We buy & trade LEGO® Products in almost any condition besides glued, chewed, and covered in goo, so whether you have giant tubs full of bulk pieces, built sets, or just a single minifig, we are interested!

If you have LEGO® items in your collection that you would like to trade or sell, bring them in anytime during business hours and we will make you an offer on the spot!

We offer the most for built sets with as many original pieces, figs, and instructions as you have.  Bulk pieces are purchased by quantity and quality, so the more cool LEGO® pieces you have (and the less non-LEGO® items mixed in) the more we pay! Minifig values vary vastly depending on condition, completeness, and current stock. We offer store credit if you are looking to trade-up, or cash if you are moving on!

We also make house calls!  If you have a large collection that you are interested in selling quickly and easily, please send an e-mail to
with your contact info, location, and a picture or description of your collection and we will get back to you promptly to schedule an inspection.

Due to the large variability in quality of used LEGO® products, we are unable to give quotes or make offers without personally inspecting your items. Our policies prohibit the purchase of new-in-box items currently available at

Huge LEGO® Selection

Because we deal in previously-owned LEGO® products, our store is filled with many items you can’t find in other stores! Our unmatched selection features products spanning The LEGO® Group’s entire history, from decades-old sets long retired to some of the coolest current items fresh from the factory!

We sell new sets, used sets, certified-complete used sets, new & used Minifigures, and bulk pieces! We also stock a variety of extras & accessories including base plates, storage containers,  instruction books, weapon packs and more! Our constantly-changing inventory needs to be seen to be believed, so stop in soon to see what’s in stock!

Used Sets

Choose from hundreds of gently-played, previously-owned LEGO® sets! Relive your childhood, add hard-to-find sets to your collection, or save some money buying used over new!

New Sets

We sell current, retired, hard- to-find and collectible new-in-box LEGO® sets – many of which you won’t be able to find anywhere else!


With thousand of LEGO® minifigures to choose from, you can complete your collection, replace ones gone missing, or even create your own unique characters at our Minifig Maker table!


Bulk Pieces

We have a dozen tables filled with tens of thousands of loose bulk LEGO® pieces for you to pick from! Replace  missing pieces, pick sets from scratch, or find the cool pieces you need to master-build your own creations!