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Welcome Lego Lovers!

Welcome to the Bricks & Minifigs’ Plano, Texas store!

Store Address

7224 Independence Pkwy, Suite 332
Plano, Texas 75025

Store Hours

10 AM - 7 PM Monday-Saturday
1 PM - 6 PM Sunday
Closed Wednesdays Labor Day Through Thanksgiving Day

About Our Store

We are your one-of-a-kind toy shop for buying, selling, and trading LEGO® products. LEGO® fans and traders from all over the Plano area visit our store, including from Frisco, Allen, and McKinney. We aim to satisfy all visitors with our customer-focused approach.

Huge LEGO® Selection

Our Plano store is the largest aftermarket LEGO® store featuring many used sets, loose Minifigures, and bulk pieces. We do not keep any special pieces for special sales; they are included in the bulk inventory for you to buy right off our sales floor. Our robust used selection is made up of LEGO® bricks, Minifigures, and more spread out over 3,500 square feet. You will find new, used, resale, and traded sets and pieces here. Along with our vast and ever-changing inventory of we have the bricks you are looking for in the colors you need. We have bins of loose bricks for you to dig through to find the right ones.

Our inventory is always changing so let us so let us help you find the right LEGO® parts. You may find that collectible LEGO® piece you have been looking for, those LEGO® parts you need to complete a set or that specific LEGO® set you have been waiting for. We have many sets and creations on display to inspire your next build.

Thinking of a LEGO® gift but overwhelmed by the choices? Get that special person one of our gift cards so selecting their newest pieces can be part of the gift!

LEGO® Themed Birthday Parties

Are you looking for the best kids parties in Plano? How about a Dallas birthday party? We can help you give your child a fantastic LEGO® party to celebrate his or her next birthday. Our birthday party package is 90 minutes total for up to 25 kids in all. The party is 60-70 minutes of play with LEGO® bricks and race ramp; and then 20-30 minutes for food and presents. Or use all 90 minutes for play with no food time – it is up to you. Each child attending gets to build and take home one custom Minifigure from our Minifig Maker table while the birthday child gets two Minifigures. Kids love our parties! (Click now for more information.)

Driving Directions

We are at the Northeast corner of Independence and Legacy.

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