Buy, sell, trade

Do you have LEGO® products that you are no longer using? 

Are you looking for a way to de-clutter, make space for something new, or just need some extra cash? Then bring your used sets, new sets, minifigs, or loose bricks to us and we will take care of you. You can get paid cash for passing on some of your favorite toys to another generation. Or you can trade them in for in-store credit towards the next thing you’re wanting to build! You’ll feel good knowing that you have passed your love of LEGO on to a new generation – and you got paid to do it!   

We buy and trade LEGO products in almost any condition, although we may need to turn away products that are glued, chewed, covered in goo, smoky, or very dirty. So whether you have giant tubs of LEGO bricks, built sets, or just a single minifig — we are interested! 

How much is it worth? 

We go through a systematic process to determine the value of every trade. We consider many factors including market value, condition, completeness, time to sell, demand, work required to get ready to sell, existing stock and our years of experience buying and selling LEGO products to determine how much we can afford to pay in order to resell your collection through our store in Pearland. You can choose to accept our offer in store credit to get the most value, or take a slightly lower cash offer for the most flexibility.

 If you dread the back and forth negotiations of a car purchase then don’t worry.  Trading with us isn’t like “Pawn Stars” or a used car lot. We assess your trade, figure out what it is worth to us, and make you an offer. If the offer works for you then great! If not, it won’t hurt our feelings if you decide to decline our offer and pursue selling the sets on your own.

Please understand that we are buying your sets as a reseller, not as another collector. As such we have to purchase at a price below what another collector might be willing to pay (market value) in order to stay in business. You have the product and we have the sales channel, so it makes sense that we fairly share the proceeds if we’re going to work together to monetize your collection.

Bring your LEGO® products into our store and we will evaluate their trade value.  We must see them in person to fully assess their condition in order to make an offer. We aren’t able to give “what-if” assessments without actually seeing everything that is being traded in.  


How to get the most value for your LEGO products 

We offer the most for built sets with as many original pieces, minifigures, and instructions as you have. Before you bring in your sets, take a look at them and make sure they are as complete as possible with all of the minifigures to ensure the highest value. We don’t need the original box but please bring the instructions if you have them.

If you have sets that are broken down and bagged – we will take these too, but because of the significant additional work to either inventory all of the pieces or re-build the sets to ensure that they are complete, the trade value will be much less than if they were assembled. If you invest the time to put your sets back together before bringing them in you will make sure that you get the most value for your trade.  

We accept retired, New-In-Box sets for trade as well. Any new sets that are still currently available require a valid proof-of-purchase in order to trade them in. Bulk pieces are purchased by quantity and quality.  Please try to remove non-LEGO items before coming in (Megablocks, Hot Wheels, marbles, etc.) Keep in mind that loose bulk pieces are the most common items we see, and we currently have thousands of gallons in backstock, thus the payout is much lower compared to built and complete sets. We are currently only offering store credit for bulk trades. If you can build complete sets out of your boxes of loose bricks it will be worth a lot more.

Minifig values vary greatly depending on condition, completeness, demand and current stock. We offer store credit if you are looking to trade-up, or cash if you are moving on!


When to Bring in your LEGO Products 

If you have LEGO items in your collection that you would like to trade or sell, you can bring them in anytime Monday-Friday from 11:00am to 6:00pm without needing an appointment and we will make you an offer on the spot! The weekends are our busiest days and we usually have birthday parties in our party room so we may not have the space or bandwidth to process a large trade during that time.  We can almost always handle trades of New-In-Box sets, Minifigs, or five or fewer used sets during the weekends, just please plan on being patient as it may take more time to work through your trade valuation when the store is packed with other customers. Trades on the weekends will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis, as time, space and staffing allows. If you have a large collection (more than 5 used sets) and need to do your trade on the weekends then please call the store (281-741-0279) to schedule an appointment so that we can give your trade the time that it deserves so that you get the most value from it. Any trades that come in after 6:00pm Monday-Saturday or after 5:00pm on Sunday will be processed on the next business day. Please plan accordingly.

We also make house calls! If you have a very large collection (i.e. 50+ sets) that you are interested in selling quickly and easily please give us a call or email with your contact info, location, and a picture or description of your collection (a list of the set numbers and condition is extremely helpful) and we will get back to you to promptly to schedule an inspection and work up an offer.  We can even arrange to pack up and haul away your entire collection so that you don’t have to worry about the logistics of getting all of the sets to our store – at no cost to you.