Buy, sell, trade

We are your one-of-a-kind toy shop for buying, selling, and trading LEGO® products.

In all of Puget Sound, we are your premiere source of new and used LEGO® bricks in bulk, minifigures, and sets! We have everything in our 3,000+ square foot store in Monroe – from rare and retired sets, to overflowing bins of bricks you can sort through and buy in bulk! We also have a large selection of new LEGO® sets, both current and retired. We have over 50 feet of cases filled with minifigures, both from collectible series (CMF) and from themes like Star Wars, Super Heroes, Ninjago, Minecraft, and more! Our inventory changes all the time, so stop in and let us help you find the right LEGO® parts or sets.

We Have Used Sets

Choose from hundreds of sets that are gently used.  Relive your childhood or add to your collection those sets that are hard to find.

We Have New-In-Box Sets

At Bricks and Minifigs you can find current, retired, hard to find and collectible new-in-box sets – some of which you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

We Have Minifigs

With thousands of minifigs to choose from, you can add to your collection, finally replace the one that’s been missing for all those years, or even create your own unique characters.

We Have Bulk LEGO® Pieces

Do you want to unleash your creativity in the ultimate way?  Then look no further than our bulk tables?  Come and pick-a-part to check off all the pieces you need on your parts list.  Or fill up a bag full of random LEGO® joy and let your imagination flow!

Do you have LEGO® product that you are no longer using?

Are you looking for a way to de-clutter or make space for something new?  Then bring your Used Sets, New Sets, Minifigs &/or Bulk down to your nearest Bricks and Minifigs!  You can get paid cash for passing on some of your favorite toys to another generation.  Or you can trade them in for in-store credit towards that thing you’ve always wanted!

How to Sell & Trade:

Bring your LEGO® product to the store’s Sell & Trade counter.  We will evaluate what you have and based on several factors, including condition, demand and quantity, we can then make you offers. We always offer more as a trade than for cash.  You may then choose sell to us and feel good knowing that you have passed your love of LEGO® on to a new generation. Or, you may trade it in as in-store credit and get those sets or minifigures you’ve been wanting!

Call and make an appointment today 360-243-3068. Due to space constraints, we do trades/buys by appointment only. An appointment also ensures the proper buying manager is on duty when you arrive.

Please note: We are unable to give quotes or estimates over the phone or via email. We must see items in person here in the store before any valuation or offer can be made.

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