Lego® Themed Party

1.5 hour party package for up to 12 participants starting at:

Weekdays $130 no host/$170 with host – Weekend $160 no host/$200 with host. 

You can book your party by phone 901-207-3007 or in store 4650 Merchants Park Circle #808 Collierville, TN.

  • FAQs

    1.  How long is it?  1.5 hrs
    2.  How many kids are included?   12 guest, however, more can be added for an additional $5. 
    3.  What will you do?  your guests’ imaginations will take them to building their custom city and racing cars against each other. 
    4.  What’s a Minifig?  the little Lego people that everyone loves
    5.  Do you have to bring our own Legos?  No Way.  We provide 100% all Lego bricks
    6.  Is cake included?  No, but American Cookie store offers discounts and will deliver to our party room
    7.  What does the party host do?  if chosen, your BAM Host will organize Lego builds, assist with racing track wheels, show quests cool Lego building tips, and much more.  Your host will serve your food and clean up after the party.   All you have to do is relax and enjoy your party. 
    8.  Do you need a party host?  No, you are welcome to create your own Lego party.
    9.  Can you use the racetrack if there is no host?  The track takes special wheels that only a BAM Host is able to assist with. 
    10.  How much does it cost?  Weekdays $130 no host, $170 with host, Weekend $160 no host, $200 with host. 
    11.  What kind of food can you bring? Pizza, meal boxes, cake, cookies, cupcakes, etc. NO ICE CREAM.  We do not have a kitchen to store and clean up.
    12.  What activities will you do?  Your host will guide you through this based on your child’s age. 
    15.  Does BAM provide food?  No
    16.  Does BAM provide plates and silverware? No


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Schedule the most amazing birthday party at our store! We offer hosted parties 7 days a week. What could be better than a LEGO® themed party for your LEGO® fan? Your children and their friends would love it!

Lego® Themed

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