When it comes to starting a new year off right, you likely have a bunch of resolutions you’ll want to complete as soon as possible. If becoming a business owner is on that list, you may be wondering how you’ll take the plunge into finally owning your own business, and that’s where Bricks & Minifigs comes in! From getting started to running a successful location, Bricks & Minifigs corporate is here to help you realize your dream of running a successful business in an industry that you love!

Man hanging an open sign in a business window

Getting Started

Making the decision to take the first step of opening your own franchise location can be the most difficult part, but once you’ve decided that you’d like to love what you do for work, we’re here to help! Getting started is easy, simply reach out to our team to learn everything you need to know about opening a Bricks & Minifigs business and to get information on franchising opportunities. 

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Choosing a Location

Once you’ve gotten the process started with your Bricks & Minifigs franchising location information, you can move forward to choosing an actual location for your store! Because these stores are a great way to connect with the community around you, finding the right location is key, and our corporate team will help!

Business owners having a meeting

Get Trained and Prepped

Before your store opens, you’ll receive the training and support you need in order to set yourself up for success! Whether you have questions about how to make sure your store is successful or you’d like more information on the materials, marketing strategies, or anything else your location may need, our team is here to help!

Business owner giving a high five to a coworker

Do What You Love for Work!

With all of this preparation, collaboration, and support from Bricks & Minifigs, being confident in your store opening is a no-brainer! Once your store is open, you’ll get to enjoy doing what you love as part of your work every day!

Learn more about becoming a franchise owner with Bricks & Minifigs in 2023 by requesting more information from our team!

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