The Ultimate Guide to Legos for All Ages and Skill Levels

LEGO® sets are available for everyone — first-timers, pros, kids, and even adults. When you buy LEGOs online, the age specification of these fun sets varies from one pack to another, designed to challenge at every level.

The sets for younger kids contain more pre-assembled parts for simple building. They were also designed with safety in mind. Sets for kids twelve and older contain bigger and more complex components, which brings hours of fun for more advanced LEGO® builders! Here are some different LEGO® varieties that are great for your child’s age and skill level.

Blue motorcycle made from LEGOs.

LEGO® Technic

LEGO® Technic was created for advanced users and children older than sixteen. The components include unique axles, gears, electric motors, and other technical parts. These challenging sets are available in all different types and sizes. Some of the most popular LEGO® Technic series are the LEGO® Creator London Bus, Mini Cooper, and Sunshine Surfer Van.

Wall of LEGOs with two characters sitting on top and kid playing with LEGOs and toy car in the background.


This series of LEGO® was designed for children between the ages of one and five. For easy manipulation, the pieces are twice as large as the regular ones, which makes them the perfect set for young children! LEGO® DUPLO® sets include houses, vehicles, and educational activities. Some of the most popular sets of this series include the LEGO® DUPLO® Mickey Racer, My First Cars and Trucks, and World Animals.

LEGO Miami Beach house scene.

LEGO® Juniors

LEGO® Juniors is for children between the ages of four and seven with creative imaginations and a love for storytelling. These sets are great for boosting their confidence and enhancing their creative thinking. The series includes favorites like Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Playground, Road Repair Truck, and Mia’s Organic Food Market.

Big Ben built out of LEGOs.

LEGO® Architecture

These sets were designed based on famous architectural buildings and landmarks from around the world. The age specification for these sets is for children older than twelve, but are well-enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike. A few of the more popular sets include the LEGO® Architecture Sydney, New York City, Chicago, and London sets.

Other beloved sets include LEGO® Jurassic World, LEGO® Minecraft, LEGO® Disney, and LEGO® Elves. Whatever kind of LEGO® set you decide to choose, find the right one for your child’s age at Bricks & Minifigs. Be sure to check out our collection if you want to buy LEGOs online.

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