How to Choose a LEGO® Set for Children of Any Age

Let us help you find the LEGO® set you’re looking for!

The magic of LEGO® is that there’s something for everyone! From small children to adults, LEGO® offers a wide variety of sets that are fun for all! Each with different levels of difficulty or based on a scene from beloved movies, there’s a perfect LEGO® set out there! Here are a few things to consider next time you’re picking out a LEGO® set for a child.

A group of children holding LEGO® minifigures in a circle.

How Does the Child Play?

One thing to consider when you’re picking out a LEGO® set is the preferences of the child. Some children enjoy playing with other children and building new creations outside the parameters of the set. On the other hand, other children prefer to build more advanced LEGO® sets and put them on display. LEGO® offers a wide range of sets with different levels of complexity to make sure that everyone is happy!

Large assortment of square blue LEGO® pieces.

Their Age

Another thing that can impact your choice of LEGO® set is the age of the child. Some sets from LEGO® can be quite advanced, which are great for children ages 8 and older. These sets can offer a fun challenge for children of the right age. Unfortunately, some LEGO® sets can have extremely small parts, which pose a choking hazard for small children. Luckily, DUPLO® sets are made for children from 1 ½ years old to 4 years old. The pieces in these sets are much safer for small children, and the best part is that once they are old enough, they can continue to use their DUPLO® sets with other LEGO® sets since the pieces are compatible!

Out-of-focus C3-PO LEGO® minifigure behind a LEGO® Storm Trooper minifigure.

What Are Their Interests?

One of the best things about LEGO® is their wide variety of sets based on popular movies. For children who are big fans of Star Wars or Harry Potter, you can find exciting sets for any age! Bring the excitement of the big screen home, and give them the chance to relive their favorite scenes over and over through LEGO®.

Kid flying a red and blue LEGO® jet plane.

Consider Something Unique

The last element of buying a LEGO® set for a child should be to consider the unique elements of the set. One of the best parts about LEGO® is that you can mix and match your sets, making the possibilities for creation endless! If you notice a set that has special accessories or unique pieces that you haven’t seen before, consider purchasing the set to encourage creativity for the child!

Picking out toys for children can be complicated, but with the vast variety of LEGO® sets, there’s something fun out there for children of any age. Stop by your local Bricks & Minifigs to find the perfect LEGO® set or to trade and sell your own sets!

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