“Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

Involve LEGO® in your learning to solidify concepts and apply real world scenarios in a fun, hands-on way by signing up for our BAM Education Course (Release date details will be outlined below). Our “Do it at your own pace” S.T.E.A.M inspired program was developed by 2 certified teachers in conjunction with a well renowned LEGO® artist and meets 3rd through 8th grade standards! This course covers essential criteria in the subjects Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math and gives participants the option to choose activities in alignment with their age level and preference of difficulty.

Options to enroll include purchasing an individual(s) “Subject” package or our all inclusive 5 Course Package! Either way your kiddo will thank you for bringing play into their learning! And for parents or teachers interested in providing our BAM Education program to their students through a Home School Learning Pod or within traditional School classes we have a 15% discount just for you! Check out our FAQ section to learn more!

As you consider which option works best for you and your loved ones keep in mind the release timeline for our courses! Currently our Science and Math modules are LIVE and available for purchase, while our offerings in Art, Technology, and Engineering will be available in the Spring of 2021!

We can’t wait for your little ones to get to started and are excited to see everything they create! Prior to purchasing any of our course modules make sure to check out our FAQ’s section for help with common questions and logistics when purchasing.


Individual Student Licenses


1) Once purchased, how long do we have access to our course?

Once purchased, students will have access to our online learning modules for an entire year. This means that regardless of when the course is purchased, all students will have access to our program for up to one year from their purchase date.

2) Is there anything I need to know to prior to enrolling my kiddo in BAM Education?

Yes! Purchasing any of our BAM Education course modules will automatically enroll your child into our online learning platform, Talent LMS. Because of this, each child will need a unique email upon purchasing their course as this email will be linked directly to their individual Talent LMS account.

For example, you have two children you would like to sign up- Susie & Mike. In order for them to receive two unique accounts and 2 sets of supplies you will first purchase Susie’s course under the email After purchasing her course you will then add a new BAM Education course to your cart for Mike and check-out under the email


If you have gmail and don’t want to go through the hassle of creating new emails for each child try this!

You can sign up Susie under and Timmy under

Both of these user accounts and confirmation emails will go to your regular email inbox, Gmail ignores the plus sign and whatever comes after it.

3) Is BAM Education a virtual learning course only?

Yes and no. Our BAM Education course is designed as a “Do it at your own pace” virtual course with pre-recorded lessons. That being said, we recognize the importance of collaboration and presentation skills in a classroom and feel that it is equally important to implement opportunities to develop those skills while enrolled in our course. In order to accomplish this, all students will utilize an online classroom through their learning portal in which they will be able to communicate with their teachers and other currently enrolled students to share their findings and give feedback.

We will also organize “office hours” that will give students an opportunity to speak virtually with an instructor online to answer any additional questions. Depending on COVID-19 we may also host a few in person check-ins throughout the school year to celebrate participants accomplishments and build community.

4) What kind of technology and supplies will my child need to participate in this course?

All students will need access to one device, whether that be a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This device will be used to access your child’s BAM Education learning portal and to participate in their online classroom. All basic supplies needed to participate in our BAM Education course will be included in the price of our course packages!

5) What level of parent involvement is needed to complete BAM Education?

This answer is dependent upon the age of your child. Our course is designed to be a hands off experience for parents, except for the initial steps involving purchase and receiving login credentials through email. However, once you have your kiddo set up with their learning portal and supplies they should be good to go! Those with children in 3rd-4th grade may find that their little rascal needs a little more assistance from time to time, but we have full confidence they will get it in no time!

6) Do you have options for teachers who would like to use this program in their classroom?

 Absolutely! We know the hard work and effort you put into teaching your students and want to do anything we can to support you in that journey! As outlined in our opening section, we offer 15% off to all teachers who want to purchase any of our BAM Education offerings for their students when they purchase 5 or more. (To receive this discount please click on the associated button below.) If you are interested in purchasing an Educator License for yourself as an instructor, verses purchasing an Individual Student License for each member of your class, continue reading to learn more about our options for you!

7) Due to recent circumstances I am considering doing a “Home School Learning Pod” with friends and family. Do you have an option for that?

Mammas, Daddys, and Caregivers alike we hear you! Weathering the storm of COVID-19 has been challenging to say the least, and we know you may be out of your mind trying to figure out how to do this home school thing! Take a deep breath and know that our S.T.E.A.M. inspired course (developed by actual School Teachers and Curriculum Developers) is here for you! Get 15% off your entire order when you purchase 5 or more of our course!

To receive this discount you will need to fill out the form below!

“Play is the highest form of research. “

-Albert Einstein


Educator License

Are you a teacher wanting to use our BAM Education course as a resource to involve S.T.E.A.M learning in your classroom? Have no fear, we have an option just for that! Our BAM Education Educator License takes the hassle and guess work out of creating new lesson plans! Click on the button below to inquire about pricing and learn more!



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