At Home Fun with LEGO®

As coronavirus is on the rise and we practice social distancing we wanted to provide you with an arsenal of free, fun, and educational LEGO® activities that you can do at home with your family! We know that many of you are now at home with a few children that are normally off at school and we hope that these S.T.E.A.M inspired activities will help create positive memories during this time!

Each activity can easily be done using LEGO® you already have sitting around at home! Feel free to change up any activity to meet the learning needs or your children and don’t forget to have fun while you do! Do you have really little ones at home that you know will want to participate with big brother & sister? No problem! Use duplo instead!

We realize that some of these activities are themed around Holidays that have passed! Simply change out some of the characters or instructions to make them more versatile or enjoy celebrating the Holidays one last time!

Stamp It Out

Match It


Zip-line Racing



Balancing Act

The Sky is the Limit

Pick & Count

Pumpkin Launch

Jingle Bell Sleigh


Mystery Box



Catch Me If You Can

Sunshine Station