This Spring Brick join our online stop motion animation workshop!


Spring Brick is here already!

April 5th – 9th

This year we are partnering up with some AMAZING stop motion artists,
Jared Jacobs and Trisha Zemp!

You can check out some of their work on Instagram! 

@goldeyeller      @trishazemp

The ONLINE Stop Motion LEGO® Camp teaches the following and MORE!

-How to use/set up the camera -Walk cycle -Run cycle -Facial expressions/talking -Jumping -Timelapse -Building a scene  

Purchase your online camp between NOW and April 11th to get 25% OFF!!

Use the coupon code  SPRINGBRICK2021

Once you purchase the Stop Motion LEGO® Camp you can get $5 OFF our  Stop Motion Starter Kit to help you get started!

Kits Include:

-One 20×20 stud baseplate

-Free Minifig card

-Molding putty

-AND a tub of bulk!

*Valid only at the OREM store

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