BrickSlopes 2019

Join us at BrickSlopes!

Come celebrate 20 Years of LEGO Star Wars with BrickSlopes 2019 on Force Weekend (May 3rd and 4th) at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.

As part of our celebrations, BrickSlopes is hosting a Star Wars Fly-In, where you’ll be able to see every LEGO Star Wars set produced over the last 20 years. See how the Millenium Falcon (and other iconic sets) have changed over the years.

Attend Panel discussion on everything from the History of LEGO, to LEGO Star Wars.

See Every LEGO Star Wars set ever released, all in one Place.

Enjoy another Dimension of LEGO fun, as you participate in one of a kind LEGO games and Activities.

Cool LEGO Creations: See 24,000 sq. ft. of Custom LEGO Creations Featuring Fan Favorites like Space, Star Wars, DC Comics, Medieval Castles Knights, Trains, City Layouts and More. All 100% Kragle Free!

Build and Play in the BrickPit™, expanded to over One Million LEGO pieces. Use the pieces to create your own creations, and get raffle tickets for a chance to win Daily LEGO Prizes.

Build your own customized race car, and challenge your friends to a race on the track.

Test your feet against our LEGO Fire Walk  (Additional Waiver Required)

Vandalize the “Graffiti” Wall.

Take Your Mini-fig Portrait at the Portrait wall.

Find 20 of the hidden Mini-Kits and Enter to Win our Mini-Kit Prize package.

Guess the Number of LEGO pieces in the Container, closest guess wins.

Bring a fig from home, or Buy one at the event, then trade with others at the event.

One of a Kind Vendors: Retired and Hard to Find LEGO Sets. One of a Kind LEGO Accessories, Art, Clothes and Custom Minifigures.

Buy your day pass now at Bricks & Minifigs Orem! 

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