Annual Spring Trade Event!

Doing some spring cleaning over the break?

Now is the perfect time to sell those unwanted LEGO® items for extra cash! 

Bring in your LEGO® items for cash on the spot! We buy new, used, bulk, minifigures, baseplates and more!

We are offering you even more for your LEGO®! Saturday, April 6th get our store credit value in CASH! That means more money for you to spend however you like!

Don’t miss out! This offer is only valid for Saturday, April 6th from 10:00AM – 7:00PM!

Our Buying Policies:

You must be 18 or older to trade or sell any product.

We do not offer store credit or cash for any new sealed sets that are currently available on

We reserve the right to limit the purchase or trade of currently available Collectible Series Minifigs to 20 per month, per person.

We can only give a quote for items that we can see. We are not able to give hypothetical quotes on items.

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