March 23rd – April 4th

Our Spring Break Make N’ Takes have been turned into Take N’ Makes! 

Instead of having an in-store event, we are providing our Tranquil Bonsai Tree and Moving Fish Tank custom builds as a pre-packaged set that you can purchase and take home to build. These will be available at the register while supplies last. You can also call us at 720-484-5700 to order over the phone for a curb-side pickup. 

Tranquil Bonsai Tree: $6 per build
Moving Fish Tank: $8 per build
(turn the handle to see the fish swim around!)

Sales & Deals!

  • Ball Figs – Buy 3, get the 4th one FREE!
  • 15% off all case minifigures!
  • 15% off all used sets!
  • 15% off all LEGO® animals!
  • 20% off all Large Boat Hulls!
  • All Pre-Filled Bulk LEGO® Bags are discounted – $20 per large bag and $10 per small bag
  • Fun at home ideas posted to Facebook for your enjoyment!
  • Story Starter Kits – $5-7 each, includes a minifig and a small build! (see pictures below)
Story Starter Kits

Use these small kits to set the scene, then use your imagination to create the rest of the story!

There are 7 different kits available (one for each day of the week!)

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