Exploring Innovative Ideas

for Adding Value to a Bricks & Minifigs Franchise

There’s no doubt about it — everyone loves LEGO pieces! For those looking to capitalize on the enduring popularity of LEGO, a Bricks & Minifigs franchise might be the perfect opportunity. However, to make your franchise as successful as possible, it’s important to think of ways to add value to your business. Below we’re sharing a few innovative ideas for adding value to a Bricks & Minifigs franchise, or learn about our franchise opportunities now.


Host Building Events

Hosting special building events can be a great way to attract customers. These events can span a variety of levels, from beginner info classes  to advanced competitions. The sky’s the limit, and every franchise will likely offer something unique. You can also use these events to showcase the newest sets, or to feature collaborations with other LEGO enthusiasts.


Consider Offering Rare, Collectible Sets

Selling rare and collectible sets can be a great way to appeal to LEGO fans looking for something special. You can offer limited edition sets, rare colors, and one-of-a-kind creations to help make your franchise stand out.

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Develop Your Online Presence

Developing an online presence can help you reach a larger audience. From email newsletters to social media profiles to text message campaigns, an online presence provides more opportunities to connect with people.

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Offer Classes

Hosting themed classes is an awesome way to add value to your franchise. You can offer classes that focus on specific themes, or provide customers with access to limited edition sets and rare colors to help make the experience extra special. As an added bonus, you can offer prizes and giveaways to those who attend the classes.

By taking advantage of the ideas above, you can help make your Bricks & Minifigs franchise stand out from the crowd. Not only will these ideas help you attract more customers, providing unique business opportunities, but they can also help you build a strong and loyal customer base. 

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