Bricks & Minifigs Franchise:

Understanding the Three R’s

For those considering opening a Bricks & Minifigs franchise, it’s essential that you understand our company goals, values, and our guiding principles, the Three R’s: rebuild, reuse, and reimagine. It’s by these principles that we offer our customers an unparalleled experience.

In today’s post from Bricks & Minifigs, we are going to discuss the Three R’s. Read on to learn more, and if you’re interested in learning about our franchise opportunities, reach out to Bricks & Minifigs today.

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The Importance of the Three R’s for Franchise Owners

The Three R’s are how we describe the value that we provide to our customers. When you own a Bricks & Minifigs franchise, you’ll want to ensure your customers understand the range of benefits our aftermarket LEGO® toy shop offers through these principles. Keep reading to learn about the Three R’s: rebuild, reuse, and reimagine.

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Bricks & Minifigs is proud to sell, buy, and trade LEGO® sets. We pay top-dollar, providing a valuable service to our customers and re-sell LEGO® sets providing other customers with a chance to purchase their favorite sets at more affordable prices.

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LEGO® sets have been an important part of childhoods throughout the world for almost one hundred years. Many customers have LEGO® sets from their childhood that hold sentimental value, but remain incomplete. At Bricks & Minifigs, we provide a chance for these customers to rebuild their favorite LEGO® sets by offering the pieces they’re missing.

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While building a favorite LEGO® set is an adventure of its own, at Bricks & Minifigs, we encourage our customers to reimagine with LEGO®. We believe that there is no better feeling of accomplishment and pride than watching a customer build a masterpiece of their very own.

Learn More About Bricks & Minifigs Franchises

Are you interested in owning a Bricks & Minifigs franchise? Help cultivate the imagination of children and adults alike by opening your own aftermarket LEGO® toy store franchise. Learn more about our franchise opportunities and contact us today to get started!

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