Four Ways LEGO® Encourage Development in Children

LEGOs® are an easy way to enrich your child’s developmental growth.

LEGOS® are an incredible way to foster your child’s development. They are an effortless stimulant that gets children engaged quickly, while retaining their attention for long periods. Children love LEGO® for their bright colors, endless possibilities, and world building capabilities. Parents love LEGO® because they know LEGO® provides deeper developmental skills to their children, without them even realizing they’re learning!

A group of people creating a city with LEGO® sets.


One of the most recognizable benefits to children playing with LEGO® is that they encourage creativity. Creations with LEGO® are simply limited to your child’s imagination. They can build anything that exists in their mind, and they often impress parents with their unique creations. Some LEGO® designs are so elaborate that they contain motorized elements and fully-functional electronics.

A city built with LEGO® bricks.

Social Skills And Collaboration.

LEGO® building is usually not a solo endeavor. Most children prefer to play with LEGO® in groups of at least two. They correspond with tips on how to make their creations bigger, better, and more elaborate than before. This creates an emphasized sense of teamwork and comradery between children that will help them excel in school or even in the workplace as adults.

A lot of different LEGO® minifigs.

Developing Spatial Awareness.

Many children who play with LEGO® in their developmental years have an acute sense of spatial awareness. This is because their perspective is optimized for building structures that require creative, intuitive thinking. It is not uncommon for children who play with LEGO® to become engineers as adults, since they already had so much practice with building projects!

A kid laying on the ground building a LEGO® set.


Children who play with LEGO® become more resilient. They understand that projects take time to fully come to fruition, and they learn to manage anger and stress much better as a result. Complex LEGO® builds can grow frustrating, but children who continue to build with LEGO® understand that the results are always worth the lengthy creative process.

There are so many reasons that LEGOs® are beneficial to your children’s development. We could go on for days about how amazing they are! There’s a reason LEGO® has been a family favorite since 1932. Our natural human desire to build, cultivate, and create has been a standard for centuries. Allow your children’s development to skyrocket with LEGO® today!

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