4 Rare Sets For the Serious Collector

These four sets are considered the holy grails of the Lego World!

Bricks & Minifigs® is your one-stop aftermarket LEGO® toy shop, and today, we’ve got four of the rarest sets of LEGO® on the market.  We’re talking sets that you didn’t even know existed!  Get ready for your excitement level to skyrocket as we present four rare sets for the serious collector.

the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal 10189

Released in 2008, the Taj Mahal is arguably the most detailed  LEGO® set of all.  With 5550 plus pieces, this set is not for beginners.  It recreated the magnificent wonder of the world down to the tiniest detail. From the gleaming walls to the towering spires, this miniature replica had everything!  Today, you would have to pay upwards of $2500 to get your hands on this unique set.  With the most extensive assortment of new, used, and retired LEGO® sets,  Bricks & Minifigs® can help you find the rare sets you’ve been looking for, and you can order lego online as well.

Millennium Falcon 10179

Quite possibly the most coveted LEGO® set of all, Han Solo’s legendary spaceship, the Millennium Falcon, can fetch over $4000 mint in the box. There have been updates to the collection, with current sets sitting at about the $800 mark. Either way, you cut it, this piece of sci-fi nostalgia stands as one of the most wanted sets of all time. If you happen to come across this kit, or you currently own one you’re looking to sell, Bricks & Minifigs® currently sells, buys and trades all things lego. Check out our website today and order lego online.

Light speed.
Submarine in water.

Shinkai 6500 Submarine 2100

Did you know that once upon a time, LEGO® had a line of sets that customers designed? The fan-made line, Cuusoo, was responsible for this famous submarine set, which LEGO® put into production after it received the necessary 10,000 votes it took to get it produced. With only 10, 000 units ever released, you can see why this is a pretty rare piece to add to your collection. Secondary markets are noticing this set priced at $650 at the current moment! Let Bricks & Minifigs help you finish building that old set from your childhood, and check with us today to order lego online and complete the sets you love!

Statue of Liberty 3450

With over 2800 little green pieces that looked exactly like each other, this three-foot-high piece of Americana was one of the most brutal LEGO® sets to complete. Released in 2000, the Statue of Liberty only cost $200; today, you would be lucky to find it for $3000 to $4000 mint in the box. It’s been said that tracking down one of these sets can be very expensive and incredibly tough. Bricks & Minifigs® can help you track this little beauty down and let you order lego online as well!

Statue of Liberty.

Bricks & Minifigs keep your collection growing with the most comprehensive assortment of new, used, and retired LEGO® sets and gives you the ability to order lego online as well!

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